Die eingebildete Gesundheit: Mehr oder weniger oder andere Medizin?» Filmabend: Donnerstag, 5. März, 2015; Tagung: Freitag, 6. März und 7. März, 2015 im Ackermannshof 19–21, Basel

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Frontiers in Drug Development

Frontiers in Drug Development Seminar on „ „ International Health Systems & Pharma Market Access ” June 25, 2015, Basel Switzerland Registration more...

Life Sciences Leadership

Life Sciences Leadership and Business Strategies Postponement of Lifesciences Leadership Course new dates: March 2-3, 2015 and April 15-16, 2015 more...



Project Management in Medicines Development

Project Management in Clinical Drug Development: Theory and Practice December 1-3, 2014 (Part 1) and February 10-12, 2015 or March 9-11, 2015 (Part 2), Basel more...



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Gray's Drug Development

Gray’s e-Book on Global Medicines Development is now available! It is a constantly updated e-text including hyperlinks to regulatory guidelines and other reference sources.

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Annual Report 2013
The European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine ECPM is the leading university institute for medicines/drug development in Europe.  In the last 22 years more than 1600 experts from pharmaceutical and biotech industries, service industry, clinical researchers and governmental policy-makers in integrated medical product development, regulation and market introduction have successfully completed our postgraduate training courses.

ECPM is a university institute within the Medical Faculty of the University of Basel, Switzerland under the auspices of EUCOR, the European Confederation of the Upper Rhine Universities Basel, Freiburg i.Br. and Strasbourg. ECPM has the coordinating role in the Education and Training project of IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative, a joint undertaking between the EU, EFPIA and Academia) called PharmaTrain (2009-2014). This project has the aim of harmonising the content and the quality of training in pharmaceutical medicine/drug development sciences throughout Europe.
ECPM is accredited by IMI PharmaTrain as “Training Centre of Excellence” since 2012.

The ECPM offers a range of Training Courses in the field of science-based medicines/drug development. Emphasis is placed on requirements for rational and rapid development of a new medicinal product for the global market. The courses provide comprehensive instructions for integrating cutting-edge concepts and best practices in medical product development and regulatory sciences. Systematically, you will understand the medicines development process from discovery through research and development to regulatory approval and commercialization. This will allow to increase your overall business knowledge, to expand your career, gain inspiration and share ideas with other peers.

The focus of the ECPM Research Department lays on the health economic characteristics, cost-benefit implications and efficient use of pharmaceuticals and health care interventions. ECPM Research staff provides training and education in quantitative research methodology.